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Plastic Bottle at Beach

Photographers Taking Positive Action to Fight Plastics Pollution.

As outdoor photographers, we spend a lot of time in places where plastic pollution is a concern. We have all seen beaches or rivers clogged with plastic waste and heard about its harm to wildlife, our planet, and our health. So it can be hard to remain hopeful.


One way to feel better about the problem is to do something about it. For example, imagine if every photographer, after his or her ‘shoot’, not only took away his/her rubbish but also at least two pieces left behind by others? And what if that photographer quietly, by example, influenced one other photographer to start doing the same, and so on? It might be a drop in the ocean, but many drops make an ocean. 


This is the simple message of You+2. Carry a (biodegradable or reusable) bag or just shove the rubbish into your pocket for the walk back to the car or rubbish bin. Dispose of the trash responsibly and feel good about it. (And, of course, refuse single-use plastics!)

Please feel free to download the logo and add it to your websites, newsletters, and social media. Then spread the word. Let’s do this together.

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